First measurement of the form factors in the decays D0→ρ- e+νe and D+→ρ0e+νe

Sean A Dobbs*, Z. Metreveli, K. K. Seth, Amiran Tomaradze, T. Xiao, L. Martin, A. Powell, G. Wilkinson, H. Mendez, D. M. Asner, G. Tatishvili, J. Y. Ge, G. S. Huang, D. H. Miller, V. Pavlunin, I. P.J. Shipsey, B. Xin, G. S. Adams, D. Hu, B. MoziakJ. Napolitano, K. M. Ecklund, J. Insler, H. Muramatsu, C. S. Park, L. J. Pearson, E. H. Thorndike, S. Ricciardi, C. Thomas, M. Artuso, S. Blusk, R. Mountain, T. Skwarnicki, S. Stone, L. M. Zhang, G. Bonvicini, D. Cinabro, A. Lincoln, M. J. Smith, P. Zhou, J. Zhu, P. Naik, J. Rademacker, K. W. Edwards, K. Randrianarivony, R. A. Briere, H. Vogel, P. U.E. Onyisi, J. L. Rosner, J. P. Alexander, D. G. Cassel, S. Das, R. Ehrlich, L. Gibbons, S. W. Gray, D. L. Hartill, B. K. Heltsley, D. L. Kreinick, V. E. Kuznetsov, J. R. Patterson, D. Peterson, D. Riley, A. Ryd, A. J. Sadoff, X. Shi, W. M. Sun, J. Yelton, P. Rubin, N. Lowrey, S. Mehrabyan, M. Selen, J. Wiss, J. Libby, M. Kornicer, R. E. Mitchell, C. M. Tarbert, D. Besson, T. K. Pedlar, D. Cronin-Hennessy, J. Hietala

*Corresponding author for this work

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The beauty to up quark coupling constant |Vub| can be extracted from B→ρe+νe combined with the form factors for D→K*e+νe and B→Vℓ+- and D→ρe+ν e. Using the entire CLEO-c ψ(3770)→DD̄ event sample, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 818 pb-1 and approximately 5.4×106 DD̄ events, we measure the form factors for the decays D0→ρ-e+νe and D +→ρ0e+νe for the first time and the branching fractions with improved precision. A four-dimensional unbinned maximum likelihood fit determines the form factor ratios to be V(0)/A 1(0)=1.48±0.15±0.05 and A2(0)/A 1(0)=0.83±0.11±0.04. Assuming Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa unitarity, the known D meson lifetimes, and our measured branching fractions we obtain the form factor normalizations A1(0), A2(0), and V(0). We also present a measurement of the branching fraction for D +→ωe+νe with improved precision.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number131802
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number13
StatePublished - Mar 26 2013

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