Fish Consumption and Mortality from Coronary Heart Disease

Richard B. Shekelle, Lavon Missell, Oglesby Paul, Anne Macmillan Shryock, Jeremiah Stamler, Stein E. Vollset, Ivar Heuch, Erik Bjelke, J. David Curb, Dwayne M. Reed, M. Greaves, I. J. Cartwright, A. G. Pockley, J. H. Galloway, B. E. Woodcock, F. E. Preston, Simin N. Meydani, Eduardo Siguel, Alice C. Shapiro, Jeffrey B. BlumbergHans Olaf Bang, Helena A. Gabor, Dean Kromhout, Beverley E. Phillipson, Douglas W. Rothrock, William E. Connor, William S. Harris, D. Roger Illingworth

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18 Scopus citations


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