Genome-wide association and multi-trait analyses characterize the common genetic architecture of heart failure

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Heart failure is a leading cause of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. However, the contribution of common genetic variation to heart failure risk has not been fully elucidated, particularly in comparison to other common cardiometabolic traits. We report a multi-ancestry genome-wide association study meta-analysis of all-cause heart failure including up to 115,150 cases and 1,550,331 controls of diverse genetic ancestry, identifying 47 risk loci. We also perform multivariate genome-wide association studies that integrate heart failure with related cardiac magnetic resonance imaging endophenotypes, identifying 61 risk loci. Gene-prioritization analyses including colocalization and transcriptome-wide association studies identify known and previously unreported candidate cardiomyopathy genes and cellular processes, which we validate in gene-expression profiling of failing and healthy human hearts. Colocalization, gene expression profiling, and Mendelian randomization provide convergent evidence for the roles of BCKDHA and circulating branch-chain amino acids in heart failure and cardiac structure. Finally, proteome-wide Mendelian randomization identifies 9 circulating proteins associated with heart failure or quantitative imaging traits. These analyses highlight similarities and differences among heart failure and associated cardiovascular imaging endophenotypes, implicate common genetic variation in the pathogenesis of heart failure, and identify circulating proteins that may represent cardiomyopathy treatment targets.

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Article number6914
JournalNature communications
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StatePublished - Dec 2022

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