Growing Through Service: Exploring the Impact of a Service-Learning Experience on Preservice Educators

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The purpose of this case study was to explore the experiences of undergraduates enrolled in a music education fundamentals course featuring a significant service-learning component. In addition to attending weekly class meetings, students provided 30 minutes a week of classroom support for teachers at a preschool center serving students with and without disabilities. Student reflective writings collected throughout the semester, formal observations, and semistructured interviews with students, cooperating teachers, and the principal formed the pool of data. The data set was analyzed for themes relating to the perceived benefits of the service-learning experience, the undergraduates' perceptions of children with disabilities, and undergraduates' attitudes toward civic engagement. The value of service-learning projects, and the effect of these experiences on the learning and personal growth of undergraduate music education majors are discussed in an effort to augment a growing understanding of the role of service-learning in the preparation of preservice music educators.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalJournal of Music Teacher Education
Issue number1
StatePublished - Oct 2013


  • early childhood
  • field experience
  • music teacher preparation
  • service-learning
  • students with disabilities

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