Gynecologic and obstetric issues in the adolescent with heart disease.

M. A. Mendelson*

*Corresponding author for this work

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It is necessary to adopt a proactive, prevention-based strategy for addressing gynecologic and obstetric issues in the adolescent with heart disease. Pregnancy carries known cardiovascular alterations, manifestations and risks. The nature of the underlying cardiac disease needs to be considered in preconception counseling and in the prevention of pregnancy. Specific risks of oral contraceptive methods must be considered as well. Estrogen-based oral contraceptives may confer risks of thromboembolic phenomenon, whereas progesterone-based agents may be associated with increased risk of bleeding. Medical termination of pregnancy may pose risks to the young woman with cyanotic heart disease or pulmonary hypertension. Full prepregnancy evaluation helps to ensure a good outcome for both mother and baby. There are risks of continuing specific cardiovascular medications during pregnancy; however, certain medications are continued to safeguard maternal health. This is particularly problematic in the patient who must remain on anticoagulation.

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JournalAdolescent medicine (Philadelphia, Pa.)
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StatePublished - Feb 2001

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