HKDC1 Is a novel hexokinase involved in Whole-Body glucose use

Anton E. Ludvik, Carolina M. Pusec, Medha Priyadarshini, Anthony R. Angueira, Cong Guo, Amy Lo, Korri S. Hershenhouse, Guang Yu Yang, Xianzhong Ding, Timothy E. Reddy, William L. Lowe, Brian T. Layden

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In a recent genome-wide association study, hexokinase domain-containing protein 1, or HKDC1, was found to be associated with gestational glucose levels during 2-hour glucose tolerance tests at 28 weeks of pregnancy. Because our understanding of the mediators of gestational glucose homeostasis is incomplete, we have generated the first transgenic mouse model to begin to understand the role of HKDC1 in whole-body glucose homeostasis. Interestingly, deletion of both HKDC1 alleles results in in utero embryonic lethality. Thus, in this study, we report the in vivo role of HKDC1 in whole-body glucose homeostasis using a heterozygous-deleted HKDC1 mouse model (HKDC1+/-) as compared with matched wild-type mice. First, we observed no weight, fasting or random glucose, or fasting insulin abnormalities with aging in male and female HKDC1+/- mice. However, during glucose tolerance tests, glucose levels were impaired in both female and male HKDC1+/- mice at 15, 30, and 120 minutes at a later age (28 wk of age). These glucose tolerance differences also existed in the female HKDC1+/- mice at earlier ages but only during pregnancy. And finally, the impaired glucose tolerance in HKDC1+/- mice was likely due to diminished wholebody glucose use, as indicated by the decreased hepatic energy storage and reduced peripheral tissue uptake of glucose in HKDC1+/- mice. Collectively, these data highlight that HKDC1 is needed to maintain whole-body glucose homeostasis during pregnancy but also with aging, possibly through its role in glucose use.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)3452-3461
Number of pages10
Issue number9
StatePublished - Sep 2016

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