Hyperfine interactions in the ground state and 22-keV state of Sm149 in ferrimagnetic compounds of samarium

S. Ofer*, E. Segal, I. Nowik, E. R. Bauminger, L. Grodzins, A. J. Freeman, M. Schieber

*Corresponding author for this work

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Hyperfine interactions in SmFe2, SmFeO3, Sm metal, and particularly in samarium iron garnet, SmIG, have been studied at various temperatures using the Mössbauer effect in Sm149. Large magnetic hyperfine interactions are observed in SmIG even at room temperature, in contrast with the observed Sm sublattice magnetization. A value of (1.55±0.25)×106 Oe was found for the magnetic field acting on the Sm nucleus in samarium iron garnet at 20°K. For SmFe2 an upper limit of 106 Oe was found for Heff at 77°K. The experimental results support an assignment of a spin 52 for the 22-keV level and yield a value of 1.26±0.04 for the ratio of the magnetic moments of the 22-keV state and the ground state. A small isomeric shift -0.9±0.3 mm/sec was found between Sm metal and Sm2O3 absorbers at 300° and 80°K. Upper limits for Heff in SmFeO3 were found to be 4×105 Oe 16°K, 1.9×105 Oe at 80°K, and 1.5×105 Oe at 300°K. The origin of the temperature dependence of the hyperfine fields acting on Sm nuclei in SmIG is discussed, including the effects of the molecular exchange field and the electrostatic crystalline field. Comparison is also made with the theory of magnetization of Sm sublattices. Exchange effects are found to be strong and dominant at high temperatures, whereas at low temperatures, crystalline-field effects are found to predominate. These results are in fair agreement with theoretical predictions if it is assumed that at low temperatures, Heff is determined mainly by the splitting of the quarter Γ8 ground state (which is the lowest of the two levels into which the H526 ground state is split by a cubic electric field) by the exchange interaction.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)A627-A638
JournalPhysical Review
Issue number2A
StatePublished - 1965
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