Information and suggestions on presentation of the results of crystal structure studies

J. A. Ibers

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The abstract is a very important part of the paper, both for the busy reader and for eventual data retrieval processes. The abstract should contain the following information: 1. Name and formula of compounds(s) studied. 2. Unit cell information on the compound, including space group, Z, and measured and calculated densities. 3. A brief statement concerning data collection - for example, 2130 intensities above background were collected by counter methods. 4. A brief statement concerning refinement - for example, the structure was refined by least-squares methods to a conventional R factor of 6.3%. 5. A succinct description of the overall structure. Thus if this is a molecular complex, say so, indicate the molecules are monomeric, that the coordination around the central Fe atom is trigonal bipyramidal, and that the carbonyls are in the basal plane, the triphenylphospines at the apices. 6. A few details on distances or angles of specific interest, including their errors. 7. The relation of the structure to unusual physical or spectroscopic properties.

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JournalInorganica Chimica Acta
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StatePublished - Dec 1 1974

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