Inhibition of fibrinolysis in vivo by feeding cholesterol

H. C. Kwaan*, A. J S McFadzean

*Corresponding author for this work

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WE have produced1, by the technique of Grossi, Cliffton and Cannamela2, a clot in the marginal vein of the ear of rabbits and found that these clots lysed in 8-39 hr., the mean being 20 hr. with a standard deviation of 8 hr. A biopsy specimen of the vein was taken 48 hr. after production of the thrombosis, and on histological examination in every case the vein appeared normal. Extending these observations, we have found (unpublished) that the lysis was due to the production of fibrinolysin locally in the vein, and that it still occurred even when the thrombosed segment of vein was ligatured above and below the thrombus and all visible veins draining into it occluded by cautery. We have shown that the lysis of such clots can be prevented by the administration of corticotropin1.

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StatePublished - 1957

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