K. Yasuura*, H. Ikuno, G. Piefke, E. Yamashita, K. Atsuki, C. H. Chen, L. Shafai, K. Tanaka, O. Fukumitsu, T. Soejima, K. Kosukegawa, H. Yokoyama, M. A. Plonus, K. Aoki, T. Tsukiji

*Corresponding author for this work

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Following is the continuation of the list of titles and authors of 133 papers presented: On the Modified Rayleigh Hypothesis and the Mode-Matching Method. By K. Yasuura and H. Ikuno. Special Solution Methods for Wave Propagation in the Case of Certain Waveguide Inhomogeneities. By G. Piefke. Integral Equation Method for Analyzing a Class of Planar Feeder Lines. By E. Yamashita and K. Atsuki. Combination of Synthesis and Analysis Approaches to the Spherical Antenna with Anisotropic Surfaces. By C. H. Chen. Transformation Method for Numerical Solution of Diffraction Problems. By L. Shafai. On the Diffraction of Beam Wave by a Circular Aperture. By K. Tanaka and O. Fukumitsu. Some Properties of Aperture Antennas with a Circular Iris in the Fresnel Region. By T. Soejima, K. Kosukegawa and H. Yokoyama. Backscattering of Plane Wave Pulses by Low-Density Dielectric Bodies. By M. A. Plonus. Finite-Size Corner Reflector. By K. Aoki and T. Tsukiji.

Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - Jan 1 1971

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