Interventional Applications of Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging: Initial Experience and Future Perspectives


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Intravascular ultrasound imaging offers the potential to provide more detailed information about vessel and lesion morphology and physiology than is currently available from angiography. The greatest impact of intravascular ultrasound upon clinical decisions may be in the area of cardiac and vascular interventions. To evaluate the utility of intravascular ultrasound, we prospectively studied 45 patients, 11 of whom underwent interventional procedures. Intravascular ultrasound imaging was performed before and after interventions using a 20 MHz, mechanically rotating transducer on either 6.5 Fr or 8.0 Fr catheter systems. Interventions included seven peripheral vessel balloon angioplasties (Femoral artery‐two, Renal artery‐two, Arteriovenous fistula‐two, Aortic coarctation‐one), two Femoral artery rotational atherectomies, and two balloon valvuloplasties (Pulmonic valve‐1, Mitral valve‐1). Intravascular ultrasound and digital angiography provided similar information about vessel size. However, morphological information about the vessel wall, plaque composition, plaque topography, luminal thrombus, and vessel dissections was better appreciated by intravascular ultrasound. Intravascular ultrasound was determined to have provided unique and clinically useful information in 10/11 (91%) interventions. These preliminary data illustrate the potential value of intravascular ultrasound for the evaluation of the vascular system and in particular its value in interventional procedures.

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