Introduction to the symposium on Kristina daugirdas, “Reputation as a disciplinarian of international organizations”

Karen Alter*

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The spectacular failings of international organizations (IOs) generate front page news. UN peacekeepers, for example, are blamed for triggering a cholera epidemic in Haiti1 and for sexual exploitation in the Central African Republic.2 The notion that international intervention makes an already bad situation even worse raises anew concerns that international institutions are unaccountable actors.3 Because international institutions enjoy legal immunity, Kristina Daugirdas suggests that reputation might be a substitute force that disciplines IOs.4 Harnessing reputational concerns towards this end, however, is challenging. This symposium engages the challenge that Daugirdas sets out when she asks us to consider whether reputational concerns might be a force that promotes better oversight and behavior by IOs and their employees.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2019


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