Invariant mass dependence of particle correlations in π+p and K+p interactions at 250 GeV/c

I. V. Ajinenko*, F. Botterweck, M. Charlet, P. V. Chliapnikov, E. A. De Wolf, K. Dziunikowska, A. M F Endler, Z. G. Garutchava, G. R. Gulkanyan, J. K. Karamyan, D. Kisielewska, W. Kittel, F. K. Rizatdinova, E. K. Shabalina, L. N. Smirnova, A. Tomaradze, F. Verbeure

*Corresponding author for this work

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We study two- and three-particle correlations as a function of invariant mass. Using data on π+p and K+p collisions at 250 GeV/c, we compare correlation functions and normalised factorial cumulants for various charge combinations. Strong positive correlations are observed only at small invariant masses. The normalised cumulants for "exotic" [(--), (++)] and "nonexotic" pairs (+-) and triplets decrease in power-like fashion with increasing invariant mass. The mass dependence is not incompatible with the power-law behaviour as expected in a Dual Mueller-Regge framework. Comparison with FRITIOF reveals strong disagreements, which are due to too large production rates of resonances, such as ρ0 and η, and the absence of a Bose-Einstein low-mass enhancement in JETSET.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)567-577
Number of pages11
JournalZeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields
Issue number4
StatePublished - Dec 1 1994

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    Ajinenko, I. V., Botterweck, F., Charlet, M., Chliapnikov, P. V., De Wolf, E. A., Dziunikowska, K., Endler, A. M. F., Garutchava, Z. G., Gulkanyan, G. R., Karamyan, J. K., Kisielewska, D., Kittel, W., Rizatdinova, F. K., Shabalina, E. K., Smirnova, L. N., Tomaradze, A., & Verbeure, F. (1994). Invariant mass dependence of particle correlations in π+p and K+p interactions at 250 GeV/c. Zeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields, 61(4), 567-577.