Leading causes of death in Asian Indians in the United States (2005-2017)

Claudia Fernandez Perez*, Kevin Xi, Aditya Simha, Nilay S. Shah, Robert J. Huang, Latha Palaniappan, Sukyung Chung, Tim Au, Nora Sharp, Nathaniel Islas, Malathi Srinivasan

*Corresponding author for this work

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Objective Asian Indians are among the fastest growing United States (US) ethnic subgroups. We characterized mortality trends for leading causes of death among foreign-born and US-born Asian Indians in the US between 2005-2017. Study design and setting Using US standardized death certificate data, we examined leading causes of death in 73,470 Asian Indians and 20,496,189 non-Hispanic whites (NHWs) across age, gender, and nativity. For each cause, we report age-standardized mortality rates (AMR), longitudinal trends, and absolute percent change (APC). Results We found that Asian Indians' leading causes of death were heart disease (28% mortality males; 24% females) and cancer (18% males; 22% females). Foreign-born Asian Indians had higher all-cause AMR compared to US-born (AMR 271 foreign-born, CI 263-280; 175.8 US-born, CI 140-221; p<0.05), while Asian Indian all-cause AMR was lower than that of NHWs (AMR 271 Indian, CI 263-278; 754.4 NHW, CI 753.3-755.5; p<0.05). All-cause AMR increased for foreign-born Asian Indians over time, while decreasing for US-born Asian Indians and NHWs. Conclusions Foreign-born Asian Indians were 2.2 times more likely to die of heart disease and 1.6 times more likely to die of cancer. Asian Indian male AMR was 49% greater than female on average, although AMR was consistently lower for Asian Indians when compared to NHWs.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere0271375
JournalPloS one
Issue number8 August
StatePublished - Aug 2022

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