Logic Cells Based on Spin Diode and Applications of Same

Bruce Wessels (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A Spin-Diode Logic Family NU 2011-127 Inventors Nikhil Rangaraja, Bruce Wessels, Yehea Ismail, Joseph Friedman Abstract Diode logic has historically been impractical due to the inability of a diode to behave as an inverter. As inversion is a necessary function of a complete logic family, diodes, previous to these results, could only perform complex logic functions in concert with transistors. The recent invention of the magnetoresistive spin-diode solves this problem , as these spin-diodes can be used individually as inverters, permitting the development of a complete diode logic family . We have invented a novel self-contained and self-consistent logic family based on a magnetoresistive semiconductor heterojunction diode. In these diodes, which operate at room temperature, the application of a magnetic field results in a large decrease in conductance. This property is applied to cascade devices such that the diode currents generate magnetic fields across other diodes, permitting the creation of a family of logical functions. This logic family can be used to produce circuits composed of significantly fewer devices than conventional CMOS circuits, and exhibits potential for reduced power and delay. Applications o Logic circuits Advantages o Fewer devices than traditional CMOS o Less power consumption o Smaller footprint circuitry Publications Utility application filed 13/657,233 Marketing Contact Arjan Quist Invention Associate (p) 847-467-0305 (e) arjan.quist@northwestern.edu
Original languageEnglish
Patent number8912821
StatePublished - Mar 14 2013


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