Managing, Funding, and Supporting Research

Craig Johnson*, Rex L. Chisholm, Eric G. Neilson

*Corresponding author for this work

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Providing a research environment that entwines new medical knowledge with education, training, and clinical care is one of the most important things a medical school can do to improve human health. With new regulations governing compliance with effort reporting on grants, expenditure timing, conflicts of interest, model systems, and clinical trials, research administration has become increasingly more costly, requires specialized knowledge, and can no longer languish without expectations of high-level performance. While our school of medicine is built around a responsibility-centered budget with the university, several years ago we migrated individual units in the school from responsibility-centered budgeting to one where appropriations are made from the dean's office in service of larger academic goals. Many of our units were realigned under new management structures using pods or groupings for research administration to both maximize cost-effectiveness and take advantage of cross-trained administrative talent. We also adopted new management metrics based on transparent data. The most promising approach to growing and managing the research enterprise is wisely investing resources to meet the long-range financial plan of the school and configure that plan to support the goals of the university. In our experience, these objectives are best met through a targeted appropriations model that feeds the intellectual curiosity of faculty in service of our trainees and patients.

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Title of host publicationThe Transformation of Academic Health Centers
Subtitle of host publicationMeeting the Challenges of Healthcare's Changing Landscape
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StatePublished - Apr 7 2015


  • Research administration
  • Research metrics
  • Research models
  • Research space

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