Measurement of the beam asymmetry Σ for π0 and η photoproduction on the proton at Eγ = 9 GeV

The GlueX Collaboration

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We report measurements of the photon beam asymmetry Σ for the reactions ~γp → pπ0 and ~γp → pη from the GLUEX experiment using a 9 GeV linearly-polarized, tagged photon beam incident on a liquid hydrogen target in Jefferson Lab’s Hall D. The asymmetries, measured as a function of the proton momentum transfer, possess greater precision than previous π0 measurements and are the first η measurements in this energy regime. The results are compared with theoretical predictions based on t-channel, quasi-particle exchange and constrain the axial-vector component of the neutral meson production mechanism in these models.

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StatePublished - Jan 27 2017

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