Micelle morphology and mechanical response of triblock gels

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The effect of polymer concentration on mechanical response and micelle morphology of ABA and AB copolymers in B-selective solvents has been systematically studied. Micelle morphology was determined using a combination of small-angle X-ray scattering, shear, and birefringence while mechanical response at low and high strains was determined using indentation techniques. Self-consistent field theory calculations were used to determine micelle volume fraction profiles and to construct an equilibrium phase map. The transition from spherical to cylindrical micelles increases the triblock gel modulus and energy dissipation. Combining knowledge of gel relaxation time, which determines the rate at which the gel can equilibrate its micelle structure, with the equilibrium phase map allows estimation of the experimental temperatures and time scales over which kinetic trapping will arrest micelle structure evolution. Kinetic trapping enables cylindrical morphologies to be obtained at significantly lower polymer fractions than is possible in equilibrated systems.

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StatePublished - Nov 24 2009

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