More than microLEDs: Mass transfer of pixel engines for emissive displays

Nikhil Jain, Christopher A. Bower, Matthew A. Meitl, Salvatore Bonafede, Erich Radauscher, Andrew Pearson, Brook Raymond, Erik Vick, Chris Verreen, Carl Prevatte, Tiffany Weeks, Brad Krongard, Robert Rotzoll, John A. Rogers

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MicroLED flat panel displays offer performance advantages that cannot be matched by OLED or LCD, and there is a growing industry consensus that microLED will become the next major flat panel display category. At present, leading companies are demonstrating steady progress against the technological challenges that historically impeded the commercialization of microLED displays, such as those related to mass transfer in manufacturing and efficient fabrication of low-current, micron-scale optoelectronic devices. Equally important and also challenging is the pixel-level circuitry that can efficiently and reliably drive the emitters in these displays. Mass transfer for microLED displays most frequently refers to the process used to distribute small LEDs across a display substrate, but it can also open entirely new advantageous possibilities in backplane design. Mass transfer of microIC drivers as pixel engines for microLED displays is gradually receiving increased attention as a path toward unmatched efficiency, dynamic range, and brightness. This pixel engine display manufacturing approach provides key enabling factors for capital-efficient, near-term implementation of microLED displays for consumer markets.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)642-645
Number of pages4
JournalDigest of Technical Papers - SID International Symposium
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2020
Event57th SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition, Display Week, 2020 - Virtual, Online
Duration: Aug 3 2020Aug 7 2020


  • Micro transfer-printing
  • MicroIC
  • MicroLEDs
  • Pixel engine

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