Multimode laser cooling and ultra-high sensitivity force sensing with nanowires

Mahdi Hosseini, Giovanni Guccione, Harry J. Slatyer, Ben C. Buchler, Ping Koy Lam*

*Corresponding author for this work

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Photo-induced forces can be used to manipulate and cool the mechanical motion of oscillators. When the oscillator is used as a force sensor, such as in atomic force microscopy, active feedback is an enticing route to enhance measurement performance. Here we show broadband multimode cooling of -23dB down to a temperature of 8±1K in the stationary regime. Through the use of periodic quiescence feedback cooling, we show improved signal-to-noise ratios for the measurement of transient signals. We compare the performance of real feedback to numerical post processing of data and show that both methods produce similar improvements to the signal-to-noise ratio of force measurements. We achieved a room temperature force measurement sensitivity of <2 × 10-16 N with integration time of less than 0.1ms. The high precision and fast force microscopy results presented will potentially benefit applications in biosensing, molecular metrology, subsurface imaging and accelerometry.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number4663
JournalNature communications
StatePublished - Aug 14 2014

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