Multipole mixtures of gamma-ray transitions depopulating the 1318-keV (2-) and 1518-keV (6+ or 7-) states in Yb174

A. G. Schmidt*, J. W. Mihelich, E. G. Funk

*Corresponding author for this work

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An E1+E3 (1.9% M2) multipole mixture has been observed for the 1242-keV (2- 2+) transition depopulating the J, K=2-,2 octupole vibrational level at 1318 keV in Yb174 following the decay of Lu174 and Lum174. The internal-conversion cfficient for this transition and the - directional correlation for the 1242-76.5-keV cascade have been remeasured, and the results yield the unique set of multipole mixing ratios 1(M2E1)=0.05 0.09 and 2(E3E1)=0.19 0.08 which correspond to a multipole admixture of E1(96.3-2.6+1.7%)+M2(0.2-0.2+1.7%)+E3(3. 5-2.1+3.8%). The M2 multipolarity of the 1318-keV (2- 0+) transition was also verified from the measured internal-conversion coefficient. A multipole admixture of E3 (<27% M2) for the 1065-keV transition was deduced from available data, and the ratios of reduced transition probabilities for the transitions depopulating the 1318-keV level were calculated and compared with rotational-model predictions. Using the previously measured half-life of the 2- level, absolute transition probabilities and hindrance factors were obtained for these transitions, and B(E3) values were compared with theoretical microscopic model calculations. Partial correlation coefficients for the 992-keV transition depopulating the 1518-keV isomeric state were determined using the - directional correlation data. Multipole admixtures consistent with the correlation data (and internal conversion data for the 7- case) are E2+(278%)M1 for the choice of 6+ and E1(687%)+M2(52%)+E3(277%) for the choice of 7- for the 1518-keV level. Using the reported half-life for that level, the hindrance factors were obtained for the K-forbidden transitions depopulating the level for each choice of spin assignment and these are compared with hindrance factors observed for known K-forbidden transitions. [RADIOACTIVITY Lu174 [from Yb174(d,2n)] measured I, I (ce); deduced J, ICC, mixing, B(E3).]

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2346-2357
Number of pages12
JournalPhysical Review C
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jan 1 1974

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