n-Type Thiophene Semiconductors

Tobin Marks (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Thiophene-Based Materials for Optoelectronics NU 2001-049 Inventors Tobin J Marks* Antonio Faccetti Short Description Synthesis of several thiophene-based organic molecules for fabrication of n-type semiconductors #devices #optoelectronic #materials #electronic Abstract Northwestern researchers have developed novel thiophene-based materials that can be used to fabricate n-type semiconductors for a variety of electronic devices. The substituted thiophene-based materials are produced via simple procedures in a high yield, which is essential for device manufacturing. Furthermore, these materials are easy to functionalize, which allows scientists to customize their properties. For instance, fluoro-azine substitution has been shown in the laboratory to enable modulation of optical gap, absorption-emission maximum and quantum yields, both in solution and in thin films. Nonetheless, favorable chemical and thermal properties are exhibited by all of the thiophene-based substituted organic materials generated by the Marks group. These materials are expected to make a significant contribution to design and manufacturing of solar cells, thin film transistors and diodes as n-type semiconductors with high field effect transistor mobilities (~ 0.01cm2/Vs) are rarely found. Applications o Organic thin film transistors o Solar cells o Light emitting diodes o Laser diodes Advantages o Easy to functionalize o Tunable optical, electronic and electro-optical properties o Simple, high yield synthesis procedures Publications Faccetti A, Deng Y, Wang A, Koide Y, Sirringhaus H, Marks TJ, Friend RH. Tuning the Semiconducting Properties of Sexithiophene by ?,?-Substitution- ?,?-Diperfluorohexylsexithiophene: The First n-Type Sexithiophene for Thin-Film Transistors (2000). Angew. Chem. 112: 4721-4725. IP Status Issued US patents 6,991,749, 7,842,198 and 7,347,702. Marketing Contact Allan Nader, PhD Invention Manager (e) a-nader@northwestern.edu (p) 847.491.4456 Tags DEVICES: optoelectronic, MATERIALS: electronic
Original languageEnglish
Patent number7374702
StatePublished - May 20 2008


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