Neurosurgery Billing and Reimbursement in 2021

Council of State Neurological Societies

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Practicing neurosurgery in 2021 requires a detailed knowledge of the vocabulary and mechanisms for coding and reimbursement, which should include general knowledge at the global level and fluency at the provider level. It is specifically of interest for the neurosurgeon to understand conceptually the nuances of hospital reimbursement. That knowledge is especially germane as more neurosurgeons become hospital employees. Here we provide an overview of the mechanics of coding. We illustrate the formula to generate physician reimbursement through the current relative value unit structure. We also seek to explain hospital-level reimbursement through the diagnosis-related group structure. Finally, we expand about different and ancillary income streams available to neurosurgeons and provide a realistic assessment including the opportunities and challenges of those entities.

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JournalWorld neurosurgery
StatePublished - Jul 2021


  • Billing
  • CPT codes
  • ICD-10 codes
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Reimbursement

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