Next-to-leading power corrections to V + 1 jet production in N-jettiness subtraction

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We discuss the subleading power corrections to one-jet production processes in N-jettiness subtraction using vector-boson plus jet production as an example. We analytically derive the next-to-leading power leading logarithmic corrections (NLP-LL) through O(αS) in perturbative QCD, and outline the calculation of the next-to-leading logarithmic corrections (NLP-NLL). Our result is differential in the jet transverse momentum and rapidity, and in the vector boson momentum squared and rapidity. We present simple formulae that separate the NLP corrections into universal factors valid for any one-jet cross section and process-dependent matrix-element corrections. We discuss in detail features of the NLP corrections such as the process independence of the leading-logarithmic result that occurs due to the factorization of matrix elements in the subleading soft limit, the occurrence of poles in the non-hemisphere soft function at NLP and the cancellation of potential pT1/Q corrections to the N-jettiness factorization theorem. We validate our analytic result by comparing them to numerically-fitted coefficients, finding good agreement for both the inclusive and the differential cross sections.

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StatePublished - Jul 29 2019

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