Nondirected living donation: A survey of current trends and practices

Megan Crowley-Matoka*, Galen Switzer

*Corresponding author for this work

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The use of living donors in general is increasing, and there is evidence of increasing willingness among transplant centers to consider nondirected living donation (NDLD) as well. Yet few systematic data are available on the number of centers performing NDLD and the degree to which current policies and practices reflect existing guideline recommendations. We conducted a telephone survey of the 25 highest volume transplant centers and 25 highest volume organ procurement organizations (OPOs) to describe their NDLD-related policies and experiences. Survey responses revealed that inquiries about NDLD from interested potential donors are common, likely to increase, and generally not formally monitored. More than half of transplant centers surveyed currently perform or are willing to perform NDLD (14/25), and although only three OPOs currently facilitate NDLD, the majority of the remaining organizations reported that an NDLD policy was in development. Among those organizations that did facilitate NDLD, the majority applied current living-donor guidelines and practices to NDLDs. Most transplant centers performing NDLD distributed these donations to patients from their own waiting list by using United Network for Organ Sharing criteria. This preliminary description of current NDLD experiences suggests that although NDLD is growing, the policies and practices governing it are being developed on an ad hoc basis at the level of individual organizations. Additional research is needed to characterize the full range of NDLD activity at both higher and lower volume organizations, and to explore a broader range of questions about current NDLD policy and practice in the United States.

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StatePublished - Mar 15 2005


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