Nuclear data for A = 206 isobars

Kamal K. Seth*

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Nuclear data relating to nuclear isobars with A = 206 are presented. When new data with better accuracy are available, older data are often not quoted but only referred to. Similarly, only the latest data from an author are quoted when the measurement has been reported several times. From the cumulative data presented, conclusions about level energies, spins and parities are derived. Decay schemes, γ-ray properties and other properties of nuclear levels are also presented, whenever pertinent data are available. The schematic relation of isobars of A = 206 is presented in Drawing 1 as a summary of the entire chain. Since very good theoretical calculations are now available for two-hole states in A = 206 nuclei, these theoretical results are presented in Drawing 2 together with the adopted level schemes for 206Tl (1 proton - 1 neutron hole) and 206Pb (2 neutron holes). For 206Hg no experimental data are available. For Z ≥ 83 no results of theoretical calculations are presented. The only available calculation for 206Bi is suspect because of problems revealed in a similar calculation for 208Bi. A number of serious gaps in the available data are exposed, and attention is drawn to the possible experiments. These are:.

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JournalNuclear Data Sheets
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StatePublished - Feb 1972

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