Outcomes of medialization laryngoplasty with and without arytenoid adduction

Joseph Chang, Sarah L. Schneider, James Curtis, Jonelyn Langenstein, Mark S. Courey, Katherine C. Yung*

*Corresponding author for this work

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Objectives/Hypothesis: To evaluate the effect of medialization laryngoplasty (ML) performed alone compared to ML with arytenoid adduction (AA) on glottic gap and voice quality in unilateral vocal fold paralysis (UVFP) patients. Study Design: Retrospective case series. Methods: UVFP patients treated with ML alone and ML with AA at the University of California San Francisco Voice and Swallowing Center were identified. Demographic information and history of laryngeal procedures were collected. Preoperative and postoperative examinations were digitally analyzed using ImageJ for normalized anterior and posterior glottic gap and voice samples graded with CAPE-V scores. Results: Forty-seven patients underwent ML and 27 patients underwent ML with AA. Normalized anterior gap (AG) improved in both ML (preop: 4.4 pixel units (u), postop: 0.8 u; P < 0.001) and ML with AA groups (preop: 3.3 u, postop 0.6 u; P < 0.001). There was no statistically significant difference in normalized AG values between treatment groups. Postoperative normalized posterior gap (PG) improved in the ML with AA group only (preop: 1.8 u, postop: 0.5 u; P = 0.01). Overall severity, roughness, and strain voice parameters had acceptable reliability for analysis. Overall severity improved in ML (preop: 54, postop: 27; P < 0.001) and ML with AA (preop: 44, postop: 24; P = 0.005). There was no statistically significant difference in any voice parameter between treatment groups. Conclusion: UVFP patients undergoing ML may benefit from addition of AA when a large posterior glottic gap is present. In this study, ML with AA but not ML alone resulted in statistically significant improvement in PG. Level of Evidence: 4. Laryngoscope, 127:2591–2595, 2017.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2591-2595
Number of pages5
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 2017


  • Laryngoplasty
  • arytenoid adduction
  • glottic gap
  • permanent medialization laryngoplasty
  • type I thyroplasty
  • unilateral vocal fold paralysis

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