Oxygen sensitive catabolite distribution in Lactobacillus plantarum chemostat cultures

T. J. Montville, S. M. McFall

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The influence of oxygen transfer rates on glucose catabolism by Lactobacillus plantarum 8014 growing at a dilution rate of 0.20 h-1 and a constant pH of 6.0 was examined. Biomass production increased linearly with increasing oxygen transfer rates over the range of 0 to 5.07 millimoles 1-1 min-1. Acetate and acetoin production increased at the expense of lactate production as the oxygen transfer rate increased up to 2.07 millimoles 1-1 min-1. This trend reversed at higher oxygen transfer rates.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)61-67
Number of pages7
JournalMicrobios Letters
Issue number166
StatePublished - 1989
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