Pediatric Transplant Grand Rounds. Pediatric kidney transplantation at Stanford.

O. Salvatierra, S. R. Alexander, A. M. Krensky

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(1) We believe that we have achieved excellent graft survival with pediatric kidney transplantation because: (a) we have had no technical losses; (b) there have been no primary immunologic losses within 4 years following transplantation; (c) we have avoided ATN. (2) Our cyclosporine dosage has been greater than the average dosage reported by the NAPRTCS, and we believe that this has led to: (a) a low incidence of rejection episodes; (b) because of this, good 1 and 2 year average serum creatinine levels. (3) In the management of adult-sized kidneys in infants and small children I have discussed: (a) the rationale and strategy to prevent vascular thrombosis, ATN and primary non-function; (b) the importance of optimizing intravascular volume, as well as renal and aortic blood flow. (4) With regard to the management of congenital urologic abnormalities I have discussed: (a) the strategy to avoid unnecessary surgery and to avoid scar around the aorta and the vena cava, particularly in infants and small children; (b) my philosophy regarding the abnormal bladder and the successful use of the small defunctionalized urinary bladder. We believe that these have been the primary ingredients to the success we have seen. I also harken back and continue to practice the adage advanced by my former mentor Dr. Fred Belzer that 'no kidney is better than a bad kidney!' And this could not be more true than in pediatric kidney transplantation, where graft failure enhanced by suboptimal graft quality may potentially both cripple the child and shorten his/her life.

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JournalPediatric transplantation
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StatePublished - May 1998

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