Pericardial disorders and pregnancy

Marla A. Mendelson*

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A woman may be as susceptible to pericardial disease during pregnancy. Acute pericarditis may be secondary to another medical illness such as amyloidosis or sarcoidosis. Initially, bed rest and hospitalization for observation may be indicated in the pregnant patent with acute pericarditis, while evaluation ensues to rule out any of the other causes of pericarditis that may be present. Pericardiectomy may be indicated for relapsing pericarditis that is refractory to medical management and can increase the yield of diagnosing tuberculosis during pregnancy. Pregnancy has occurred in women with pericardial cysts by anecdotal report. The clinical diagnosis of pericarditis is established when at least two of the following four criteria are present: pericardial chest pain, pericardial friction rub, characteristic electrocardiographic changes, or pericardial effusion. An echo-free space between the pericardium and the epicardium is seen in pericardial effusion or tamponade.

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Title of host publicationCardiac Problems in Pregnancy
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StatePublished - Sep 21 2019


  • Acute pericarditis
  • Cardiac tamponade
  • Clinical diagnosis
  • Medical management
  • Pericardial chest pain
  • Pericardial cysts
  • Pericardial effusion
  • Pericardiectomy
  • Pericardium
  • pregnancy

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