Phase II/III randomized trial of TCH346 in patients with ALS

R. Miller*, W. Bradley, M. Cudkowicz, J. Hubble, V. Meininger, H. Mitsumoto, D. Moore, H. Pohlmann, D. Sauer, V. Silani, M. Strong, M. Swash, E. Vernotica, Neil Cashman, Andrew Eisen, Charles Krieger, Angela Genge, Sanjay Kalra, John Turnbull, Lucette LacomblezWilliam Camu, Alain Destee, Albert Christian Ludolph, Reinhard Dengler, Thomas Meyer, Adriano Chio, L. H. Van Den Berg, M. De Visser, Francois Vingerhoets, Orla Hardiman, N. Leigh, Jeremy Shefner, William David, Michael Graves, Terry Heiman-Patterson, Hans Neville, Jeffrey Rosenfeld, Mark Bromberg, Andrea Corse, Andrew Waclawik, Erik Pioro, Robert Sufit, Stanley Appel, Robert Pascuzzi, John Kissel, Carlayne Jackson, Richard Barohn

*Corresponding author for this work

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