Post-transcriptional regulation of cancer/testis antigen MAGEC2 expression by TRIM28 in tumor cells

Xiao Song, Chengli Guo, Yutian Zheng, Ying Wang, Zhongtian Jin*, Yanhui Yin

*Corresponding author for this work

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Background: Cancer/testis antigen MAGEC2 (also known as HCA587) is highly expressed in a wide variety of tumors and plays an active role in promoting growth and metastasis of tumor cells. However, little is known for the regulation of MAGEC2 expression in cancer cells. Methods: Western blotting and quantitative RT-PCR were performed to analyze MAGEC2 expression. Co-immunoprecipitation assay was applied for detecting the endogenous interaction of MAGEC2 and TRIM28 in tumor cells. Overexpression and knockdown assays were used to examine the effects of TRIM28 on the expression of MAGEC2 protein. Immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining was performed in hepatocellular carcinoma patients to evaluate the association between the expression of MAGEC2 and TRIM28. Proteasome inhibitors MG132 or PS-341 and lysosome inhibitor Chloroquine (CQ) were used to inhibit proteasomal or lysosomal-mediated protein degradation respectively. Results: We demonstrate that MAGEC2 interacts with TRIM28 in melanoma cells and MAGEC2 expression in tumor cells depends on the expression of TRIM28. The expression level of MAGEC2 protein was significantly reduced when TRIM28 was depleted in tumor cells, and no changes were observed in MAGEC2 mRNA level. Furthermore, expression levels of MAGEC2 and TRIM28 are positively correlated in MAGEC2-positive human hepatocellular carcinoma tissues (p = 0.0011). Mechanistic studies indicate that the regulatory role of TRIM28 on MAGEC2 protein expression in tumor cells depends on proteasome-mediated pathway. Conclusions: Our findings show that TRIM28 is necessary for MAGEC2 expression in cancer cells, and TRIM28 may serve as a new potential target for immunotherapy of cancer.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number971
JournalBMC cancer
Issue number1
StatePublished - Oct 11 2018


  • Cancer/testis antigen
  • MAGEC2
  • Regulation
  • TRIM28
  • Tumor cells

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  • Genetics
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