Primary consolidation and compressibility of dredgings.

A. M. Salem, Engng Co Harza, R. J. Krizek, Univ Northwestern, A. S. Azzouz

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Mass. Inst. Technol., U.S.A.) Since maintenance dredgings that are deposited in dyked containment areas usually have a high water content and contain a substantial amount of fines, the usefulness and economly of the resulting landfill is strongly dependent on the time-consuming process of consolidation. In order to provide some guidance for engineers concerned with the planning and operation of such landfills, the consolidation and compressibility characteristics of various hydraulically placed dredgings are evaluated herein by conducting an extensive series of laboratory consolidation tests on 'undisturbed' samples taken by piston sampler from three different landfill sites. Classical consolidation theory was used to analyze the results, and linear regression analyses were employed to establish useful, simple, and convenient relationships between the consolidation and compressibility characteristics, and the index properties of the dredgers. (from paper)

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - Jan 1 1977

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