Production of the f2 (1520) resonance in antiproton-proton annihilations at s = 2980 and MeV

T. A. Armstrong*, D. Bettoni, V. Bharadwaj, C. Biino, G. Borreani, D. Broemmelsiek, A. Buzzo, R. Calabrese, A. Cecuucci, R. Cester, M. Church, P. Dalpiaz, P. F. Dalpiaz, R. Dibenedetto, D. Dimitroyannis, M. G. Fabbri, J. Fast, A. Gianoli, C. M. Ginsburg, K. GollwitzerA. Hahn, M. Hasan, S. Hsueh, R. Lewis, E. Luppi, M. Macrí, A. M. Majewska, M. Mandelkern, F. Marchetto, M. Marinelli, J. Marques, W. Marsh, M. Martini, M. Masuzawa, E. Menichetti, A. Migliori, R. Mussa, M. Pallavicini, S. Palestini, N. Pastrone, C. Patrignani, J. Peoples, L. Pesando, F. Petrucci, M. G. Pia, S. Pordes, P. Rapidis, R. Ray, J. Reid, G. Rinaudo, B. Roccuzzo, J. Rosen, A. Santroni, M. Sarmiento, M. Savrie, A. Scalisi, J. Schultz, K. K. Seth, A. Smith, G. A. Smith, M. Sozzi, S. Trokenheim, M. F. Weber, S. Werkema, Y. Zhang, J. Zhao, G. Zioulas

*Corresponding author for this work

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We present measurements of the 2π0 mass spectrum in proton-antiproton annihilations. The f2 (1520) resonance is strongly produced in the 3π0 channel. Its production along with an η is observed, but strongly suppressed. Other features are seen in the data, including the f2 (1270) and structures at 2000 MeV/c2 and above.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)399-402
Number of pages4
JournalPhysics Letters B
Issue number3-4
StatePublished - Jun 17 1993

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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    Armstrong, T. A., Bettoni, D., Bharadwaj, V., Biino, C., Borreani, G., Broemmelsiek, D., Buzzo, A., Calabrese, R., Cecuucci, A., Cester, R., Church, M., Dalpiaz, P., Dalpiaz, P. F., Dibenedetto, R., Dimitroyannis, D., Fabbri, M. G., Fast, J., Gianoli, A., Ginsburg, C. M., ... Zioulas, G. (1993). Production of the f2 (1520) resonance in antiproton-proton annihilations at s = 2980 and MeV. Physics Letters B, 307(3-4), 399-402.