Psychometric properties of the communication confidence Rating scale for Aphasia (CCRSA): Phase 2

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Background: The construct of communication confidence was introduced by participants and family members during qualitative post-treatment interviews as part of a research study using a computer programme to deliver language therapy. However, there was no standardised method of evaluating communication confidence. Therefore the Communication Confidence Rating Scale for Aphasia (CCRSA) was developed, asking persons to self-rate communication confidence. Aims: This study reports data from the second phase of the project in which the CCRSA was revised to include 10 items. This revised 10-item self-rating scale of communication confidence (CCRSA) was evaluated psychometrically. Methods & Procedures: The revised 10-item questionnaire was administered 94 times to 47 participants with aphasia from a variety of settings. Psychometric properties of the 10-item CCRSA were investigated using rating scale (Rasch) analysis. Outcomes & Results: Person reliability of the 10-item CCRSA was .81. The four-category rating scale demonstrated monotonic increases in average measures from low to high ratings. However, one item ("How confident are you that you can participate in discussions about your finances?") slightly misfitted the construct defined by the other items (mean square infit = 1.54, item-measure correlation =.48). Conclusions: Our findings suggest that the CCRSA is a psychometrically sound tool for assessing participants' self-report of communication confidence. Further evaluation of the CCRSA is warranted to examine sensitivity to change and inter-and intra-rater reliability.

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