Racial Disparity of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in African American Communities

Ravina Kullar, Jasmine R. Marcelin, Talia H. Swartz, Damani A. Piggott, Raul Macias Gil, Trini A. Mathew, Tina Tan

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The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has unveiled unsettling disparities in the outcome of the disease among African Americans. These disparities are not new but are rooted in structural inequities that must be addressed to adequately care for communities of color. We describe the historical context of these structural inequities, their impact on the progression of COVID-19 in the African American (black) community, and suggest a multifaceted approach to addressing these healthcare disparities. (Of note, terminology from survey data cited for this article varied from blacks, African Americans, or both; for consistency, we use African Americans throughout.).

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)890-893
Number of pages4
JournalThe Journal of infectious diseases
Issue number6
StatePublished - Aug 17 2020


  • African Americans
  • COVID-19
  • SARS-CoV2
  • coronavirus
  • racial disparity

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  • Immunology and Allergy
  • Infectious Diseases

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