Report of the nomenclature committee for fossil plants: 7

Patrick S. Herendeen

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The following eight generic names are recommended for conservation: Caytonia against Laconiella, Cupressinocladus against Libocedrites, Cyclostigma Haught. ex Heer against Cyclostigma Hochst. ex Endl., Danaeopsis Heer ex Schimp. against Marantoidea and Danaeopsis C. Presl, Eusphenopteris Gothan ex Simson-Scharold against Eusphenopteris Kidst., Lepidophloios with that spelling, Pterophyllum with a conserved type, and Schizoneura against Convallarites. The following three species names are also recommended for conservation: Podocarpium podocarpum (A. Braun) Herend. against Podocarpium podocarpum (DC.) Y.C. Yang & P.H. Huang, Schizoneura paradoxa against Convallarites erecta, and Taeniopteris marantacea with a conserved type. The following four generic names are not recommended for conservation: Angarocarpus with a conserved type, Ephedrites with a conserved type, Genitzia with a conserved type, and Tungussocarpus (nom. illeg.). Two published proposals for conservation of generic names are still under consideration (Pleuromeia with that spelling and Sphenozamites with a conserved type).

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StatePublished - Jun 2011

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