Report of the nomenclature committee for fossil plants: 8

Patrick S. Herendeen

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The following three sets of proposals for modification of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature that relate particularly to fossil plants are recommended for acceptance: Gen. Prop. Prop. C, Art. 1 Prop. A & B (Taxon Prop. 101-103), Art. 9 Prop. H (219), and Art. 38 Prop. A (192), and the following three sets are not recommended for acceptance: Art. 1 Prop. C & D (175-176), Art. 8 Prop. B, Art. 9 Prop. U, & Art. 38 Prop. C (135-137), and Art. 38 Prop. B (193). In addition the Committee considered a number of proposals of general impact and recommended acceptance of Art. 29 Prop. A-C, Art. 30 Prop. A-B, Art. 31 Prop. A-B, Rec. 29A Prop. A-B, & Rec. 30A Prop. A-B (203-213), the proposals on electronic publication, and Div. III Prop. B-C (199-200), but the Committee was undecided on the associated proposals Div. III Prop. D-E (201-202). Although not directly affecting names of fossil plants, the Committee also discussed Art. 36 Prop. A-E (115, 170, 186-188) on the language requirements for the validation of names of new taxa. The members had a positive view of the experience of the restrictive language requirement of either English or Latin for names of fossil plants and would not wish to see a return to allowing any language for validating diagnoses or descriptions.

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