Scaling of Structural Strength

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This book is concerned with a leading-edge topic of great interest and importance, exemplifying the relationship between experimental research, material modeling, structural analysis and design. It focuses on the effect of structure size on structural strength and failure behaviour. Bazant's theory has found wide application to all quasibrittle materials, including rocks, ice, modern fiber composites and tough ceramics. The topic of energetic scaling, considered controversial until recently, is finally getting the attention it deserves, mainly as a result of Bazant's pioneering work. In this new edition an extra section of data and new appendices covering twelve new application developments are included. * The first book to show the 'size effect' theory of structure size on strength * Presents the principles and applications of Bazant's pioneering work on structural strength * Revised edition with new material on topics including asymptotic matching, flexural strength of fiber-composite laminates, polymeric foam fractures and the design of reinforced concrete beams. An understanding of the effect of structure size on structural strength and failure behavior is an important element in the study of the mechanics of materials and structures.

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PublisherElsevier Ltd
ISBN (Print)9780750668491
StatePublished - 2005

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