Search for light dark matter in XENON10 data

J. Angle*, E. Aprile, F. Arneodo, L. Baudis, A. Bernstein, A. I. Bolozdynya, L. C C Coelho, C. E. Dahl, L. Deviveiros, A. D. Ferella, L. M P Fernandes, S. Fiorucci, R. J. Gaitskell, K. L. Giboni, R. Gomez, R. Hasty, L. Kastens, J. Kwong, J. A M Lopes, N. MaddenA. Manalaysay, A. Manzur, D. N. McKinsey, M. E. Monzani, K. Ni, U. Oberlack, J. Orboeck, G. Plante, R. Santorelli, J. M F Dos Santos, S. Schulte, P. Shagin, T. Shutt, P. Sorensen, C. Winant, M. Yamashita

*Corresponding author for this work

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We report results of a search for light (10GeV) particle dark matter with the XENON10 detector. The event trigger was sensitive to a single electron, with the analysis threshold of 5 electrons corresponding to 1.4keV nuclear recoil energy. Considering spin-independent dark matter-nucleon scattering, we exclude cross sections σn>7×10-42cm2, for a dark matter particle mass mχ=7GeV. We find that our data strongly constrain recent elastic dark matter interpretations of excess low-energy events observed by CoGeNT and CRESST-II, as well as the DAMA annual modulation signal.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number051301
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number5
StatePublished - Jul 27 2011

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    Angle, J., Aprile, E., Arneodo, F., Baudis, L., Bernstein, A., Bolozdynya, A. I., Coelho, L. C. C., Dahl, C. E., Deviveiros, L., Ferella, A. D., Fernandes, L. M. P., Fiorucci, S., Gaitskell, R. J., Giboni, K. L., Gomez, R., Hasty, R., Kastens, L., Kwong, J., Lopes, J. A. M., ... Yamashita, M. (2011). Search for light dark matter in XENON10 data. Physical review letters, 107(5), [051301].