Y. R. Phull*, R. J. Krizek, R. L. Kondner, N. Hasan, O. S. Sehgal, K. L. Bhanot, R. P. Sikka, N. K. Vaswani, Shifarraw Demissie, E. B. Wilkins, J. Hvozdanski, K. Arunachalam, M. S. Lawrence, R. Thillainayagam

*Corresponding author for this work

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Proceedings includes 40 papers on the evaluation of existing flexible and rigid pavements; design aspects of strengthening pavements by using rigid and flexible overlays and by using treated and untreated materials, taking equivalency factor into consideration; and construction problems with regard to strengthening. Following is a listing of 40 papers presented: Evaluation of Pavement Condition by Serviceability Rating Technique. By Y. R. Phull. Influence of AASHO Road Test Local Factors on Present Serviceability Index for Flexible Pavement Systems. By R. J. Krizek, R. L. Kondner and N. Hasan. Suggested Method of Determining the Present Level of Performance of Indian Highways. By O. S. Sehgal and K. L. Bhanot. Choice Among Available Techniques for Evaluating the Strength of Existing Pavements. By R. P. Sikka. Method for Evaluating Pavements and/or Their Subgrades. By N. K. Vaswani. Evaluating Existing Pavements in Ethiopia. By Shiffarraw Demissie. Evaluation and Strengthening of Existing Flexible Pavements in British Columbia. By E. B. Wilkins and J. Hvozdanski. Evaluating Strengthening Requirements of Flexible Pavement by Deflection Method. By K. Arunachalam. Practical Methods of Pavement Evaluation and Flexible Overlay Design - A Comparison. By M. S. Lawrence and R. Thillainayagam.

Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - Jan 1 1971

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