Stabilization of polluted dredgings by electro-osmosis.

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Northwestern, U.S.A.); Gularte, F.B. ( Hayward Baker Co., U.S.A.); Hummel, P.L. ( Hawaii Univ.) The potential usefulness of a landfill composed of polluted dredgings is largely governed by the degree of stability which can be achieved by treatment during and/or after deposition, and the study described is directed toward evaluating the possibility of stabilizing such a land mass by use of electro-osmosis. To achieve this end, four typical dredged materials from different locations in the Great Lakes region have been subjected to laboratory tests with two different electrical gradients, plus control tests with no electrical gradient, and the effects of this treatment on the strength, compressibility, time rate of dewatering, and release of contaminants in the effluents have been meausred. The resulting data serve to indicate the practical and economical feasibility of applying electro-osmosis to improve the engineering properties of polluted dredged materials. (from paper)

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1977
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