Stable Dispersions Of Polymer-Coated Graphitic Nanoplatelets

SonBinh Nguyen (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Stable Dispersions of Graphitic Nanoplatelets in Polymer Matrices NU 2005-052 Inventors Sonbinh Nguyen Rodney Ruoff Sash Stankovich Abstract Northwestern researchers have developed processes to produce stable dispersions of graphite nanoplatelets in aqueous or organic media. By distributing these treated nanoplatelets into various matrices, they provide useful mechanical, electrical and chemical properties to composite materials. Graphitic nanoplatelets are an inexpensive alternative to carbon nanotubes because of their predicted excellent in-plane mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. However, their full utilization requires complete separation and dispersion before incorporation into a matrix such as polymers. The investigators have devised two techniques to accomplish graphite exfoliation in aqueous or organic media. One process forms a polymer coating of graphitic nanoplatelets that are readily dispersible in water. This solution may be utilized for a variety of composite and device applications. A second process utilizes organic isocyanates to form graphitic nanoplatelets with chemical functions which would be useful for a variety of composite and device applications requiring organic media. Applications o Fuel tank and fuel line coatings o Electronic enclosures o Automotive parts o Aerospace o Appliances o Sporting goods o Coatings and paints o Batteries o Fuel cells Advantages o Scalable o Cost-effective o Exhibits high electrical conductivity Publications Stankovich S, Piner RD, Chen X, Wu N, Nguyen ST and Ruoff RS (2006) Stable aqueous dispersions of graphitic nanoplatelets via the reduction of exfoliated graphite oxide in the presence of poly(sodium 4-styrenesulfonate). Journal of Materials Chemistry. 16: 155-158. Stankovich S, Dikin DA, Dommett GHB, Kohlhaas KM, Zimney EJ, Stach EA, Piner RD, Nguyen ST and Ruoff RS (2006) Graphene-based composite materials. Nature 442: 282-286. Stankovich S, Piner RD, Nguyen ST, Ruoff RS (2006) Synthesis and exfoliation of isocyanate-treated graphene oxide nanoplatelets. Carbon. 44: 3342-3347. IP Status Issued US Patent No. 7,914,844 Marketing Contact Allan Nader, PhD Invention Manager (e) (p) 847-491-4456
Original languageEnglish
Patent number7914844
StatePublished - Mar 29 2011


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