Surgery for gliomas

Matthew C. Tate*

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Surgical resection, with the goal of maximal tumor removal, is now standard of care for the overwhelming majority of newly diagnosed gliomas. In order to achieve this goal while minimizing the risk of postoperative neurologic deficits, intraoperative brain mapping remains the gold standard. Recent advances in technical aspects of preoperative and intraoperative brain mapping, as well as our understanding of the functional anatomy of the human brain with respect to language, movement, sensation, and cognition, particularly at the subcortical level, have improved our ability to safely perform aggressive resective surgeries in eloquent areas. In this chapter, the functional anatomy of the human brain relevant to intrinsic tumor resection is reviewed. In addition, general principles governing surgical management of patients are highlighted, with a particular emphasis on awake brain mapping.

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JournalCancer treatment and research
StatePublished - 2015


  • Glioma surgery
  • Mapping

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