Abraham Lerman*, Devendra Lal, Michael F. Dacey, John E. Tyler, Roswell W. Austin, Theodore J. Petzold, Raymond C. Smith, Howard R. Gordon, J. Ronald V. Zaneveld, Edward S. Fry, Jerry R. Schubel, David E. Drake

*Corresponding author for this work

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Proceedings include 19 papers examining the problems of sampling and concentrating suspended materials and of in situ instrumentation. The contributors delineate the results of nearshore and offshore studies, including the effect of tropical storm Agnes on suspended solids in the northern Chesapeake Bay and turbidity distribution in the deep water of the Western Atlantic Trough. There are also thorough treatments of principles underlying the study of settling velocities of suspended materials and of theories of various optical techniques employed in this research. Following is a list of titles and authors of the papers presented: Principles of Studying Suspended Materials in Water. By Ronald J. Gibbs. Stokes' Settling and Chemical Reactivity of Suspended Particles in Natural Waters. By Abraham Lerman, Devendra Lal and Michael F. Dacey. Beam Transmissometers for Oceanographic Measurements. By John E. Tyler, Roswell W. Austin and Theodore J. Petzold. Volume-Scattering Functions in Ocean Waters. By Raymond C. Smith, Roswell W. Austin and Theodore J. Petzold. Mie-Theory Models of Light Scattering by Ocean Particulates. By Howard R. Gordon. Spatial Distribution of the Index of Refraction of Suspended Matter in the Ocean. By J. Ronald V. Zaneveld. Absolute Calibration of a Scatterance Meter. By Edward S. Fry. Effects of Tropical Storm Agnes on the Suspended Solids of the Northern Chesapeake Bay. By Jerry R. Schubel. Distribution and Transport of Suspended Particulate Matter in Submarine Canyons off Southern California. By David E. Drake.

Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - 1973
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EventSuspended Solids in Water, Symp, Proc, Pap - Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Duration: Mar 20 1973Mar 22 1973


ConferenceSuspended Solids in Water, Symp, Proc, Pap
CitySanta Barbara, CA, USA

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