Syntheses and structures of the new quaternary rubidium selenides RbLn2CuSe4 (Ln = Sm, Gd, Dy), Rb1.5Ln2Cu2.5Se5 (Ln = Gd, Dy), and RbSm2Ag3Se5

Fu Qiang Huang*, James A. Ibers

*Corresponding author for this work

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Six quaternary rubidium selenides RbLn2CuSe4 (Ln = Sm, Gd, Dy), Rb1.5Ln2Cu2.5Se5 (Ln = Gd, Dy), and RbSm2Ag3Se5 have been synthesized at 1073 K with the use of a reactive flux of Rb2Se3. At 153 K all compounds contain four formula units in orthorhombic unit cells. The isostructural compounds RbLn2CuSe4 crystallize in space group Cmcm; the isostructural compounds Rb1.5Ln2Cu2.5Se5 crystallize in space group Pnnm; RbSm2Ag3Se5 crystallizes in space group Cmcm. The cells of RbLn2CuSe4 are (Ln, a, b, c (Å)): Sm, 4.1834(9), 14.308(3), 14.439(3); Gd, 4.1568(8), 14.227(3), 14.409(3); Dy, 4.1237(10), 14.083(4), 14.291(3), and the corresponding R1 indices for the refined structures are 0.023, 0.029, and 0.039. The cells of Rb1.5Ln2Cu2.5Se5 are: Gd, 16.243(3), 16.449(3), 4.0980(7); Dy, 16.120(3), 16.292(3), 4.0610(8), and the R1 indices are 0.036 and 0.043. The cell of RbSm2Ag3Se5 is 4.3223(6), 15.229(2), 17.420(3) Å and the R1 index is 0.025. All six are closely related three-dimensional tunnel structures. Their anionic frameworks are built from LnSe6 octahedra and MSe4 (M = Cu, Ag) tetrahedra. RbLn2CuSe4 contains infinite 1(∞)[CuSe3] chains of vertex-sharing tetrahedra; Rb1.5Ln2Cu2.5Se5 also contains infinite chains of tetrahedra; and the tunnel in RbSm2Ag3Se5 holds one Rb+ cation in a 10-membered ring consisting of six Ag-Se bonds and four Sm-Se bonds. Rb1.5Dy2Cu2.5Se5, which is paramagnetic, obeys the Curie-Weiss law and has an effective magnetic moment of 10.63(4) μ(B). (C) 2000 Academic Press.

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JournalJournal of Solid State Chemistry
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2000

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