Testing nicotine gum for ulcerative colitis patients - Experience with single-patient trials

Bret A. Lashner*, Stephen B. Hanauer, Marc D. Silverstein

*Corresponding author for this work

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Epidemiologic studies have documented an association between nonsmoking and ulcerative colitis and case reports have demonstrated that symptoms improve with smoking and worsen with removal of a nicotine source. A double-blind randomized crossover trial for individual ulcerative colitis patients (single-patient trial, or N of 1 clinical trial) was designed to study the safety, patient acceptance, and the effectiveness of nicotine gum in improving patient symptoms and proctoscopic appearance of involved colon. Seven nonsmoking patients chewed up to 10 squares/day (20 mg) of nicotine gum or placebo gum for two weeks. Therapy was crossed-over every two weeks over the eight-week trial. Effectiveness was judged from comparisons between nicotine-gum and placebo-gum periods of patient self-reported symptoms at the conclusion of each two-week period using visual analog scales and proctoscopic appearance using ordered categorical scales. Three of seven patients, all three of whom were former smokers, demonstrated sufficient improvement without adverse effects to warrant institution of nicotine gum into their drug treatment regimens. Three patients demonstrated an uncertain response, despite tolerating the drug, and have not had nicotine gum added to their regimens. One patient could not tolerate the medication and was withdrawn from the study. No serious side effects were noted. We conclude that a randomized trial for an individual patient is a useful method for evaluating treatment regimens for ulcerative colitis and that nicotine gum may be effective therapy for individual patients with ulcerative colitis who demonstrate an objective response with few adverse effects.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)827-832
Number of pages6
JournalDigestive diseases and sciences
Issue number7
StatePublished - Jul 1 1990


  • nicotine gum
  • single-patient trials
  • ulcerative colitis

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