Isaac M. Daniel*, Theodore Liber

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An experimental investigation was conducted to determine strain rate effects in fiber composites. Unidirectional composite specimens of boron/epoxy, graphite/epoxy, S-glass/epoxy and Kevlar/epoxy were tested at tensile strain rates of up to 27 m/m/sec. Longitudinal, transverse and in-plane shear properties, including modulus, Poisson's ratio, strength and ultimate strain, were determined by testing 0-, 90- and 10-degree unidirectional coupons. Strains were measured by means of strain gages bonded on the coupons and loads were measured by means of a strain gage load cell. All specimens were loaded in an electrohydraulic loading system. the 0-degree properties which are governed by the fibers do not vary much with strain rate except for the Kevlar/epoxy material which shows an increase in both modulus and strength. The strain rate effects on 90-degree properties were small with a general trend toward higher strength with increasing strain rate. The most noticeable effect was on in-plane shear properties with shear strength values at high strain rates approximately fifteen percent higher than static values.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1978

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