The A0.6Nb5Se8 (A = Eu, Pb, Sn, and Sr) structure: A trigonal prismatic variation of the TIV5S8 channel structure

Theodore D. Brennan*, James A. Ibers

*Corresponding author for this work

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Three new ternary niobium selenides A0.6Nb5Se8, A = Sr, Pb, and Sn, have been synthesized. The new compounds have the previously reported Eu0.6Nb5Se8 structure, as judged by the similarity in intensities and positions of lines on X-ray powder patterns. Lattice constants at 298 K are:. a = 17.925(13), b = 3.425(2), c = 19.464(12) A ̊, β = 107.89(6)o(Eu0.6Nb5Se8). a = 17.970(6), b = 3.420(1), c = 19.525(6) A ̊, β = 107.88(3)o (Pb0.6Nb5Se8). a = 17.941(7), b = 3.414(1), c = 19.510(6) A ̊, β = 107.85(3)o(Sn0.6Nb5Se8). a = 18.007(10), b = 3.425(2), c = 19.462(8) A ̊, β = 107.93(5)o(Sr0.6Nb5Se8). The A0.6Nb5Se8 structure comprises a 3[Nb5S8] framework built from NbSe2-type trigonal prismatic layers parallel to the (001) plane that are interconnected by face sharing to double chains of staggered edge-shared [NbSe6] octahedra along the b direction. This 3[Nb5S8] framework leaves channels parallel to b in which the A atoms lie. The A0.6Nb5Se8 structure is distinct from the TIV5S8 structure, in which all the transition-metal atoms are octahedrally coordinated.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalMaterials Research Bulletin
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StatePublished - Feb 1992

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