The Crystal Structure of Hexaamminecoball(III) Tetrachlorozincate(II) Chloride, [Co(NH3)6] [ZnCl4]Cl

Devon W. Meek, James A. Ibers

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The crystal structure of hexaamminecobalt(III) tetrachlorozincate(II) chloride, [Co(NH3)6] [ZnCl4]Cl, has been determined from three-dimensional X-ray data collected by counter methods. The structure has been refined by full-matrix least-squares techniques to a final R factor, on F, of 3.4% for the 1329 independent reflections that are above background. The material crystallizes in the orthorhombic space group D2h16-Pnma, with four formula units in a cell of dimensions a = 21.219 (9), b = 7.653 (4), and c = 8.106 (3) Å. The calculated and observed densities are 2.037 and 2.02 ± 0.01 g/cm3, respectively. Both the cation and the ZnCl42– anion are required crystallographically to possess m symmetry. The Co(NH3)63+ ion is a slightly distorted octahedron, whereas the structure of the tetrachlorozincate(II) is distorted appreciably from “a tetrahedron. The four independent Co-N bond lengths are 1.968 (5), 1.977 (3), 1.953 (3), and 1.974 (5) Å, and the independent Zn-Cl distances are 2.358 (2), 2.269 (1), and 2.223 (2) Å.

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JournalInorganic chemistry
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StatePublished - Mar 1 1970

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